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What is the Iditarod Trail Invitational?

Every year in Alaska a famous dog sled race take place: its name is Iditarod, and every racer has to go from Anchorage to Nome on a 1800 km route covered by snow.

The name of the race come from the term that the natives use to define the “far lands“, refers to 1890, when pioneers and trekkers explored Alaska looking for gold.

Iditarod commemorates the legendary dog Balto(which history inspired a movie) who in 1925 run this track with a pack of dogs, carrying on his sled the medicines which saved Nome’s people from a diphtheria outbreak.

Iditarod Trail Invitational trace this exact route, and only 55 athletes from all around the world are allowed to attend. You have three options:  by mountain bike, by ski or on foot.

Philosophy of the race

Weak support to the athletes, so that finishing or even winning the winter climate of Alaska depends only on their ability, experience and the number of risks they take.

There’s no marked route, racers are only obliged to pass through some certain check points, to make official the transit.

Giving too much support is against the meaning of the adventure.

One only little mistake in the wrong place and wrong time may cause the loss of some fingers or even your life, sometimes the only way to survive is to save yourself.

Rules of the race

-You can not use gps or spot tracker

-You can use sat phone or navigation gps

-Supply, sleeping bag, stove and clothes must be in the luggage you have at the beginning of the race

-You can choose any route, but you have to sign the entry and the exit in every check point

-Reporters who want to follow a racer must be driven by a guide from organization

-Personal aid is forbidden all over the trail

-You have to respect private property

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