Mercoledì 12 Maggio 2021


Nowadays, the number of companies which use sport to strengthen the staff and to increase the feeling among the workers.

People often get in touch with to me to plan outdoor seminars for executives, managers and commercial staff.

I usually offer solutions from 1 to 5 days either in alpine zones and deserts,

on foot, by horse or even on dog sled.

Challenge yourself

Challenging yourself helps you to understand and go beyond your limits;

share some extra-work experiences with your colleagues helps you to know each other and get through difficulties together.

Before every outdoor training you will have a medical examination with anthropometric and resistance test to ensure the state of health of every participant.

Get rid on short notice of your working clothes for sportswear it’s always a nice surprise, just like finding a bus for an unknown destination outside of your office.

I plan everything

During our Team Building the surprise is very important.

You should only tell the participant how long will it last.

I’ll take care of everything else: travels, clothes, equipment.

There will also be a videographer who will follow the training from the very beginning to the end.

The program is scheduled based on the goal you want to reach.

Anyway I prefer adventurous projects, in which I’ll have the chance to teach people how to live in complete harmony with nature, how important is to know your limit and to try to get through them.

I’ll always suggest routes with no hotels but just shelters with no electric power or, even better, nights below the stars.

Let’s plan together your next Team Building event

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