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Travel to Nome

Suffering, “The condition of one who suffers; the bearing of pain or distress”.

More than three years have passed since my last Iditarod, but one minute has been enough, the time to look for “suffering” on the vocabulary, to bring up all the memories. Considering that I’m a little masochist, I also watched the shooting of the race, to help my memory.

Even if I’m safe in my kitchen with my pc, I suddenly find myself on the trail in Alaska, and my heartbeat is raising.

Psychological Pain

I forgot the madness which followed me during my walk to Nome.

I’m not talking about the healthy madness that we all have(in different quantity), I’m speaking of the scary one, just like Jack Nicholson nel film “Shining”.

I look at the images but I can’t recognize me: I was devastated, width a double personality: I believe that the Marco who crossed Alalska is not the same who lives in Brescia, and I have to be honest: I’d like to meet him, just to shake his hand.

The other person, the one who lived in my body during the walk, always opposed against every decision I took: for example, when I stopped for drink some water, he accused me to drink all the water so that he couldn’t drink any; or again, one night I was looking for the right trail in a snowstorm, and I heard him telling me “I had to do everything on my own to solve this mess”. Even the sound of the sled on the snow seemed to me an endless applause from hundreds of people.

This crazyness going on for hours and hours made me cry.

Physical Pain

It’s unbelievable how my body collapsed after I reached Nome: my ankles lost their original shape, and my muscles where completely empty; the worst thing was that I lost a bit of my sight.

In Alaska I plenty crossed my limits, I feel like a dancer who weighs 150 kg, which dream is to dance at the premiere of the “Scala“. Everyone would say that’s impossible, but the dancer get on the stage and complete his performance in an excellent way.

Tiziano Terzani says, “Quando l’allievo è pronto il maestro compare”, the same is for love, a place, an event: there’s no way to find the reason.

  • Diego gibelli
    2694 days ago - Reply

    Che dire..?! Penso che quello che dici e che hai fatto sia il massimo per quelli che come te amano il brivido, ma sopratutto la natura dura, e viva!!!

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